Anticable - “Naked” ZERO-Autoformers (Par)

Anticable - “Naked” ZERO-Autoformers (Par)

The ZEROs are the simplest type of transformer called an auto-transformer or autoformer. They are used to multiply the impedance of any speaker so that it "feels" like the optimum load for the amplifier being used. They are very helpful in matching speakers to amplifiers. By adjusting the speaker's impedance, both the damping factor and the maximum power transfer of the amp/speaker can be tailored for best sound. Almost all amplifiers sound better when driving a higher impedance speaker, because amplifiers produce less distortion when driving less current.

The ZEROs are a great way to get better amplifier performance when driving low impedance speakers.


60 day Trial Period
Multiply any speaker's impedance by 2x, 3x, or 4x
Example: a 4 ohm speaker becomes 8, 12, or 16 ohms
Replaces existing short speaker cable when using monoblock amplifiers
Typical Reported Sound Improvements:

Lower distortion "sounds cleaner" (due to an easier load on the amplifier)
Firmer bass (due to an increased damping factor)
Higher resolution (due to an easier load on the amplifier)
More extended and better focused high frequency

Use with any low impedance speaker
A problem solving device for when there is an Amplifier/Speaker mismatch
Popular when driving Magnepan speakers with Tube Amplifiers
Enables using a tube amplifier's better sounding 8 ohm output tap when driving 4 ohm speakers (popular with Audio Research Corp. tube amp owners)
Greatly Increases Smaller OTL (output transformer less) Amplifiers' Output Power:

Get 50 watts/ch out of the 30 watt Atma-Sphere S-30 amp
Get 80 watts out of the 60 watt Atma-Sphere M-60 amp