Anticables L2.1 - Bi-Wire

Anticables L2.1 - Bi-Wire


Bi-Wired: Two sets of the award winning Level 2.1 ANTICABLES Speaker Wires that are joined together at the amplifier end, and with all four wires woven together. This provides a pair of very nice cable looking wire runs with two spades (or bananas) on each amplifier end and four spades (or bananas) at each speaker end for a pair of bi-wireable speakers.


Announcing New Level 2.1 Speaker Wires


The wire used to make our Level 2 and Level 3 Speaker Wires and Jumpers has been improved. The sonic improvement is enough they are now declared our Level 2.1 and Level 3.1 Speaker Wires and Jumpers. This new wire is so good, these new Level 2.1 Speaker Wires now sound even better than our former Level 3 Speaker Wires. Yes, the lower cost product actually leap-frogged the former more expensive offering. Sonic improvements listed below.

View the full evolution of our Jumper and Speaker Wire improvements HERE.