Audio Art Cable - IC-3 RCA

Audio Art Cable - IC-3 RCA

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It’s Hi Fidelity at the right price.

Our high performance IC-3 has established quite a following of satisfied customers, and genuinely impressed hi-end audio reviewers. This cable offers audiophile quality sonics in every aspect, at an entry-level price. Its performance translates to a simply stunning sonic experience. When we introduced the IC-3, it was our intention to provide the discriminating audio enthusiast with a new high performance, yet high value alternative.
The IC-3 is an extraordinarily transparent and detailed cable that will transport the listener to an experience simply not found at this price level. It also makes a fabulous choice for high end home theater systems.
Revealing every sonic nuance, the IC-3 is smooth, full-bodied, holographic, BIG and dynamic, with tight, extended bass. This cable will involve you in your musical experience like no other cable at or NEAR this price point! We guarantee it.
Features include silver-coated OFC stranded copper conductors insulated in an ultra-low loss foamed Polyethylene dielectric, which provides very low capacitance. The cable is also 100% shielded with aluminum mylar for complete immunity to noise. The IC-3 is DEAD quiet! Each cable is carefully terminated with our custom Audio Art RCA plugs, gold plated and machined from solid brass.
  • Details

    Technical Specifications:

    • Conductors Silver-coated OFC copper
    • Dielectric Foam Polyethylene
    • Capacitance 30 pf/foot
    • Resistance .009 ohms/foot (each conductor)
    • Shield coverage Aluminum Mylar 100%
    • Diameter 8 mm
    • Color Silver
    AudioArtCable, Hight fidelity at the right price
    **Please allow 100-150 hours for these cables to completely burn in before critical evaluation. **