Audio Art Cable - IC-3SE Ultimate RCA

Audio Art Cable - IC-3SE Ultimate RCA

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We had to do it. Our customers demanded it. The market demanded it. Just think IC-3 Classic "on steroids"… but in this case, it's perfectly legal!

Virtually all of the RCA Connectors used by today's top cable manufacturers are made from brass. There are a number of different brass alloys, generally featuring a combination of copper (around 60%) and varying amounts of zinc, lead, and even tin. The presence of these other metals greatly reduces the manufacturing cost by making the material much easier to machine and process.

From an electrical standpoint, these other metals are considered impurities that drastically reduce the electrical conductivity of the resulting alloy. For example, the conductivity of brass alloys is only about 26% that of pure copper. Electric and sound engineers agree that this near 75% loss of conductivity of a connector directly affects the overall performance of a terminated audio cable.

While most manufacturers ignore this situation and focus on marketing, DH Labs engineers have consulted top metallurgists in the field to develop and refine the "ultimate connector alloy". Years of research have led to the introduction of this exclusive "High Copper Alloy"TM. This material is made in the United States to ensure the highest possible quality, and is composed of more than 99% pure copper, with a conductivity rating that is at the top of the industry. Trace amounts of two other non-magnetic metals are added to provide the adequate hardness and strength required for an RCA Plug to hold up over time. The plating process has been customized in order to maximize signal transfer. Simply stated, this is one of the finest high-performance audio connectors on the market today!
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    Connectors: Sound Connections Xhadow Precision RCA / XLR, DH Labs High Copper Alloy Ultimate RCA
    Solder: Cardas Audio Quad-Eutectic
    Conductors: Multi-Strand Silver-coated OFC copper
    Dielectric: Foam Polyethylen
    Capacitance: 30 pf/foot
    Resistance: .009 ohms/foot (each conductor)
    Shield coverage: Aluminum Mylar 100%
    Diameter: 8 mm
    Jacket: Super Flexible PVC with Durable TechFlex® Jacket outer.