Audio Art Cable - Power1, WATTGATE plugs

Audio Art Cable - Power1, WATTGATE plugs

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The heart and soul of this model, our exclusive power 1 cable, features twin ultra low inductance & resistance 11 gauge conductors, plus an 11 gauge ground all made with Ultra High Purity, 99.99% OFC copper. power 1 is fully shielded for superior noise rejection, with 110% coverage of spiral wrapped Aluminum Mylar Shielding. Our proprietary architecture allows for unrestricted dynamics and current flow.

Power 1 Classic comes fitted with a choice of two of the finest entry level & mid level high-end plug sets on the market, Wattgate’s 5266i male and 320-IEC female, or what are widely regarded as the best mid-level plugs in the industry, Furutech’s superb FI-11(G) High Performance Male and IEC plugs.

The Wattgate 5266i M features an elegant polycarbonate translucent rear housing with a durable hi-temperature rated front housing. Faceplate set screws are stainless steel, there is a dust seal to protect the wiring chamber, and it features a powerful mechanical cord clamp. The 320-IEC features a heavy-duty vinyl connector body. Both parts feature Wattgate’s Perma-Lock™ terminals which actually "lock up" the screw's threads. Heat and vibration cannot loosen the screws. This exclusive design creates a superior low resistance connector.

To summarize, power 1 Classic is a high-performance power cable that will produce a sonic upgrade for your amplification or digital source components beyond your wildest expectations, and do so at an amazingly good price!

From the new level of performance your system will attain, to a superior cable quality, high-performance Furutech or Wattgate plugs, exceptional hand assembled build quality, ultra high-end look and feel, to an absolutely fabulous price…it’s all here.
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    Ultra High Purity, 99.99% OFC copper
    110% coverage spiral wrapped Aluminum Mylar Shielding for superior noise rejection.
    Twin ultra low inductance & resistance 11 gauge conductors, plus an 11 gauge ground.
    Proprietary architecture allowing for unrestricted dynamics and current flow.
    Noise canceling geometry.
    Super Flexible PVC with Durable TechFlex® Jacket outer.
    High-Performance Furutech FI-11(G), or Wattgate 5266i / IEC 320 plugs.
    16 mm Diameter
    Power cable performance & parts quality simply unheard of in this price range!!