Audio Art Cable - SC-5 BI-WIRE spade

Audio Art Cable - SC-5 BI-WIRE spade

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It’s Hi Fidelity at the right price.

The award winning SC-5 offers a high performance, high resolution, high value option that meets and exceeds the performance demands, of the most discriminating audiophile. Musical, and highly neutral, SC-5's sonics translate to an amazingly true to life experience for the listener. Soundstage is BIG, yet natural, transients are fast, and the mids are gloriously clear and detailed to reveal every nuance, while sounding smooth, full-bodied, holographic and dynamic. Frequency extremes excel, with fantastic bass extension, slam and impact. Highs are airy and resolved.
SC-5 will involve you in your musical experience like no other cable at or NEAR this price point!!
It was our intention in creating SC-5 to provide the most discriminating audio enthusiast with a new high performance, high value cable choice, particularly with the need for even more speaker cable with 5 to 7 speakers in a system! It makes a fabulous choice for a high end home theater.
SC-5 speaker cable is designed to get the best possible performance from any speaker. Each of its 14 gauge conductors consists of 168 strands of silver-coated OFC copper, insulated in a high quality Foam Polyethylene dielectric. The cable features very low inductance & capacitance, making it compatible with ALL amplifiers (tube or solid state) and speakers. SC-5 is very flexible, and its attractive appearance will complement any décor. SC-5 is available in factory-assembled lengths, and in bulk (un-terminated) lengths.
  • Details

    Technical Specifications:

    • Conductors Silver-coated OFC copper
    • Dielectric Polyethylene
    • Capacitance 19.5 pf/foot
    • Resistance .0025 ohms/foot (each conductor)
    • Diameter 9 mm
    • Color Dark Blue
    AudioArtCable, Hight fidelity at the right price
    **All “stock” lengths have same connectors at amp and speakers.**
    Shotgun sets (double run, single or bi-wire), custom termination and non-terminated bulk lengths available. Contact us for pricing.
    Designed in Cooperation with DH Labs