Audio Art Cable - SC-5 SE(R) banana

Audio Art Cable - SC-5 SE(R) banana

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Introducing the all new SC-5SE(R)!

Expanding on the theme of our hot-rodded SC-5SE, Audio Art Cable is proudly rolling out an all new SC-5SE(R). (R), standing for Rhodium, as in the amazing Furutech FP-201(R) spades and FP-202(R) bananas.

Expanding on a Winning Concept
SC-5SE and SC-5 Classic speaker cable models have met with undivided praise from the audiophile press. Stereophile magazine, 6, Postitive Feedback Online, Tone Audio, Stereo Mojo, Stereotimes, Positive Feedback, Enjoy the Music, and Affordable Audio have all unanimously agreed. The performance and value Audio Art Cable represents in today's high-end audio market make it a go-to brand for the discriminating audio enthusiast.

A Fresh New Spin on the Original
The new SC-5SE(R) shares many design features with its SC-5SE sibling:

A shotgun, or double run of 14 gauge SC-5 speaker cable.
Upgraded Furuech brand connector parts.
Cardas Audio Quad Eutectic solder for the joints.
TechFlex jacketing to effectively bundle the twin cable runs, and SE Series cosmetic enhancements.
Meticulous hand crafted “custom shop” look and feel. Each pair takes 3.5 hours to assemble!
As with our original, resistance of the cabling is minimize by using a double run of cable, effectively increasing a single run 14 gauge SC-5 cable to a beefed up 11 gauge cable. Doubling up the cable improves the "damping factor" of the amplifier, coupling the amplifier to the speaker more efficiently and effectively by cutting the resistance (and inductance) of the cable in half. The huge improvement in performance this brings to an audio system must be experienced to be believed, as the difference in sound is greater than a small reduction in resistance might logically predict.
  • Details

    Technical Specifications:

    • Conductors Silver-coated OFC copper
    • Dielectric Polyethylene
    • Capacitance 39.0 pf/foot
    • Resistance .00125 ohms/foot (each conductor)
    • Diameter 20 mm
    • Color Black TechFlex
    AudioArtCable, Hight fidelity at the right price