Audio Art Cable - SC-5 SE spade

Audio Art Cable - SC-5 SE spade

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Introducing the SC-5SE! Prepare to be Amazed.

Offering a tricked out, hot-rod version of the Award Winning SC-5 speaker cable seemed like a natural progression, after the overwhelming success of our IC-3SE. While we had things on the drawing board, our intentions were not only to push the envelope of an already great cable to theoretical limits, but also to come up with a breakthrough product. To again offer cost no object performance, at an Audio Art Cable price.

More than just a double run of SC-5 cable in a fancy jacket? You bet your bass it is!
To expand on the technical ideas proposed above, and to further achieve the ultimate in fidelity that the SC-5SE design would allow, we needed to find connectors and create solder joints that would compliment it in the best possible ways. Since we became smitten with the quality and performance of Furutech products while designing our power 1, the decision to use the FP-201(G) Spades, and the FP-202(G) bananas, with their pure copper, and copper alloy α (Alpha) Conductors was an easy one to make. Not only are these parts machined to an extraordinarily high level of fit and finish, the quality of interface with your components and speakers, not to mention the cable, is absolutely second to none. They are also an amazingly good value in the high-end audio marketplace. If there are better spades and banana connectors out there, we have not seen (or heard) them!
  • Details

    Technical Specifications:

    • Conductors Silver-coated OFC copper
    • Dielectric Polyethylene
    • Capacitance 39.0 pf/foot
    • Resistance .00125 ohms/foot (each conductor)
    • Diameter 20 mm
    • Color Black TechFlex