Level 2 Performance Analog XLR

Level 2 Performance Analog XLR

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Level 2 "Performance Series" Analog XLR Interconnects: 
A stereo pair of balanced Anti-Cable Interconnects which will enable line level analog connections between components.


Fully Balanced design
Oxygen Free Copper
Copper impurities have been reduced down to 5 parts per million
Signal wire is cryogenically treated by Cryogenics International
Sound Improvements over Level 1 Classic Series:

Smoother and more extended highs
Greater dynamics
More resolving
Greater harmonic structure
Greater purity of tone
Stronger more tuneful bass
Nearly as resolving as silver wire, but with the smoother Copper sound
Additional Features:

No thick plastic jacketing, which adds dielectric effect distortion and smears the audio signal
New XLR plugs use Gold plated 90% Copper alloy (not brass) contacts
Double shielded option is available for use with turntables or when extra RFI/EMI protection may be needed. Click on thumbnail photo just below the "ADD TO BAG" button for more details.
Sound less like a cable and more like real music than cables costing many times more