Level 2 Performance Series Power Cords

Level 2 Performance Series Power Cords

Level 2 Performance Series Power Cord is our eye opening triple 11 gauge "mid-level" power cord. This cord provides the best possible performance to cost ratio. It is free of colorations, and really opens up the music and dynamics.

Level 2 Highlights:

3 foot to 9 foot lengths available
Oxygen Free Copper wires with impurities reduced down to 5 parts per million
12 square mm of Copper (cable's total cross sectional area) = three #11 AWG build
Integrated noise filtering technology
Proprietary Oxygen Free Solid Copper plugs
Best possible performance to cost ratio
The middle "sweet spot" of our three performance levels
Easy to bend into shape making them highly manageable
  • Details

    IEC Plug Options:

    15 Amp IEC plug comes standard (fits most audio components)
    20 Amp IEC plug is optional