Level 3 Reference Series Speaker Wires

Level 3 Reference Series Speaker Wires

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Single Wired: A stereo set of heavy 9 gauge built speaker wires which will enable single wiring a pair of speakers. All four wires are woven together which makes a pair of nice looking, easy to manage wire runs.


Highest tier, yet still affordable
30 day risk free trial
Oxygen Free Copper (not ETP copper magnet winding wire)
9 Gauge built using two 12 Gauge wires per connection
Sound Improvements over Level 2 Performance Series:

Additional bass weight and authority
Greater musical dynamic impact which makes the music sound more alive
Greater harmonic structure thru the midrange
The best way to predict what they will sound like in your system is to read what other customers have experienced (see Testimonials)
Additional Features:

Built from the same new high purity Oxygen Free 12 gauge copper wire as the Performance Series which provides smooth and extended highs, and greater presence and immediacy of voice and instruments
All four #12 gauge wires are beautifully woven together
No thick plastic jacketing, which adds dielectric effect distortion and smears the audio signal
Capable of standing with the best cables money can buy
Comes standard with excellent sounding Solid Copper Spades which are .525" wide and fit standard 1/4" (6mm) and 5/16" (8mm) Binding posts
Optional Terminations Available (click on above image thumbnails to view)

Medium Sized Copper Spades (.430" wide) for Barrier Strip Screw Terminals (older ARC amps and Vandersteen speakers)
Vintage Copper Spades (.320" wide) for small screw terminals on 60's amps (Scott, Fisher, Dynaco, McIntosh, etc.)
Explore Bi-Wire Options:

Since getting heavy 9 gauge wire (two #12 gauge Anti-Cable wires) into each terminal is the physical limit of essentially any spade or banana plug, the way to achieve bi-wiring with the Level 3 Reference Series is to simply buy two single wired sets.