Level 4.2 Reference PLUS Silver RCA

Level 4.2 Reference PLUS Silver RCA

"Double NEW" Level 4.2 "Reference PLUS" Analog RCA Interconnects:

Just a few weeks after announcing the 4.1 improvement, as shown below in RED text, we have made further improvements which bring us up to Level 4.2. shown below in BLUE text.

The Level 4.1 version of interconnects brought about our new better sounding ACElectrum™ Silver/Gold alloy signal wire which replaces the original Level 4's 100% silver wire. Adding a small amount of Gold eliminates the sonic signature of Silver, leaving only the music to be heard. The performance is greater, and we did so without a price increase.

Our "Double NEW" Level 4.2 interconnects incorporate the newly available and better sounding Keith Louis Eichmann Silver Harmony plugs, which outperform his original Silver Bullet plugs and cost less.

We have dropped the price by $70/pair, so for less money you get both the better sounding Silver Harmony plugs and the better sounding ACElectrum™ Silver/Gold alloy signal wire.

Learn more about the new Silver Harmony (and optional PURE Harmony) plugs HERE.

We absolutely love the sound of the new ACElectrum™ Silver/Gold signal wire with the new Silver Harmony Plugs. Two levels of sonic improvement and a $70 price decrease. What could be better then that? We are confident you will enjoy them!
  • Details

    "NEW" Keith Louis Eichmann Silver Harmony RCA Plugs
    "NEW" ACElectrum™ Silver/Gold alloy signal conductors

    Sound Improvements over Level 3.2 Reference Series:

    More resolving
    More open sounding
    Deeper soundstage
    Sound Improvements over former (and more expensive) Level 4 version:

    Presents a slightly more relaxed sound that offers more body to the music. Level 4 owners can upgrade to Level 4.2 for 1/2 price (Contact us)
    Just as resolving so nothing is given up
    The sonic signature of 100% silver wire is now removed
    The highs no longer sound a bit "hard", "forward", or "bright"
    Highs remain naturally "soft" and deep in the soundstage where they belong
    Additional Features:

    No thick plastic jacketing, which adds dielectric effect distortion and smears the audio signal
    Double shielded option is available for use with turntables or when extra RFI/EMI protection may be needed. Click on thumbnail photo just below the "ADD TO BAG" button for more details.
    Sounds less like a cable and more like real music than cables costing many times more