Nano Audio - Jotunheimen

Nano Audio - Jotunheimen


Top of the line, KING of the glaciers. With low resistance and high quality shielding makes it able to let through all details in the music.  It's easy to handle and wrapped in a beautiful design to complement all kinds of high end stereo systems. 


This cable fits perfectly with our Series 3 speaker and power cable for an equal sound characteristic through the entire signal line.

  • Specs

    Conductors:  4x26mm or 4x0,22mm 99,9% POFC.


    Insulation: 2x layers of Premium PVC. And high quality shielding.


    Measurements: 8mm OD


    Resistance: 0,0357 Ohm/m


    Inductance: 0,39 uH/m


    Capacitance: 57,06 pF/m