Nano Audio - Svartisen

Nano Audio - Svartisen


Our high end signal cable, Svartisen. A benchmark in signal cables, high quality copper with shielding makes it an excellent conductor for music.  It's easy to handle and wrapped in a beautiful design to complement all kinds of high end stereo systems. 


This cable fits perfectly with our Series 2 speaker and power cable for an equal sound characteristic through the entire signal line.

  • Specs

    Conductors:  2x24awg or 2x0,34mm 99,9% POFC.


    Insulation: 2x layers of Premium PVC. With shielding


    Measurements: 7mm OD


    Resistance: 0,0462 Ohm/m


    Inductance: 0,61 uH/m


    Capacitance: 57,06 pF/m