Paradox Audio - Colossus

Paradox Audio - Colossus

"Colossus", a new benchmark in high end speaker cable standard. Colossus is heavy, tough and unique with it's amazing construction and incredibly twisted yet elegant design. Made with huge 6x8 or 2x4 AWG conductors for an incredible conductivity, all individually isolated for a more transparent sound characteristic. 
With almost no resistance in the cable you are able to achieve unbelievable dielectric capabilities, minimal signal interference and distortion. This cable is definite to enhance crystal clear sound and the most detailed, depth and transparent soundstage you will achieve from a cable in this class.

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    6x8 AWG (8mm) or 2x4 AWG (24mm) 99,99% pure OFC

    Premium grade ultrathin PE and PVC

    45 mm OD

    0.00011 Ohm pr/ft

    0,14 uH pr/ft

    6,55 pF pr/ft

    Max current:
    159 Amps

    Color: Black and white custom made twisted design.
    Length: Custom made upon request
    Type: Single wire, Bi-amp/wire, tri-wire (custom made jumpers included for bi-wire/amp).