Paradox Audio - Edison Coil

Paradox Audio - Edison Coil

"Tesla coil's" rival, the "Edison coil". For those who believe a power cable should have solid conductors instead of stranded and no shielding. The design is the same but the inside is different.
Made for the most powerful high end pre and power amps on the market, it’s constructed with oversized solid copper conductors for huge current transfers with incredibly low resistance, the cable is more bendable than "Tesla coil" and can be a better alternative for hard corners or tight spaces. This is truly one of the most high end power cables on the market and will give you excellent performance on any kind of equipment you throw at it, even the most heavy Class A or tube amps available. All wrapped in an elegant yet robust design to complement your high end setup with style and finesse.
  • Details

    3x10 AWG (3x6mm) 99,9% Pure OFC solid copper strand

    Carbon housing with rhodium plated terellium copper.

    PE and PVC layers. Inner PVC layer coveredn with solid stranded copper wires.

    16,7 mm OD

    0,0008 Ohm pr/ft

    0,18 uH pr/ft

    4,98 pF pr/ft

    Max current:
    94 Amps

    Fuse current:
    333 Amps - 10 sec