Paradox Audio - Singularity

Paradox Audio - Singularity

"Singularity" is our newest revolution to the high end speaker cable market, it's the first module based flat cable. Add from 1-4 modules depending on your systems requirements and preferences for the best matching and value for money. 
Each module is flat and wrapped in their own seperate dielectrical material for incredibly low inductance and capacitance. Choose the cable that best fits your system.
"Singularity" comes with a beautiful finish making it perfect for every high end audio systems.

Terminated with your choice of banana or spade plugs.

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  • Details

    1x12 AWG (3,75mm) to 4x12 AWG (15mm) 99,99% pure solid OFC

    Premium PVC layers covered with high quality braided sleeving. Each module have their own seperate dielectricum.

    11,9 mm OD

    0,001 Ohm pr/ft

    Module 1: 0,16 uH pr/ft - Module 2: 0,14 uH pr/ft - Module 3: 0,12 uH pr/ft - Module 4: 0,10 uH pr/ft

    Module 1: 7,41 pF pr/ft - Module 2: 6,62 pF pr/ft - Module 3: 5,53 pF pr/ft - Module 4: 4,48 pF pr/ft

    Max current:
    75-105 amps

    Color: Black, White, Black/Silver
    Length: Custom made upon request
    Type: Single wire, Bi-amp/wire.