Paradox Audio - Titan

Paradox Audio - Titan

"Titan" is our most astonishing and exclusive high end audio cable. Made with enormous 4x6 or 2x3AWG conductors and 5 layers off insulation it will make all other speaker cables look like a tiny piece of string. 
It's designed for extreme current transfers and incredible high performances. The conductors are so thick they produce almost no resistance. It's insulation material includes SFRF, EPDM, cotton, reinforced polyester and an outer layer of vulcanized super strength rubber for extreme dielectric capabilities, minimal signal interference and distortion.
This cable is custom made for the most expensive high end audio setups available on the market, and will control any speaker you throw at it with ease making it the masterpiece of all speaker cables enhancing crystal clear sound and the most detailed, depth and transparent soundstage you will ever hear from a cable.

This is truly an exclusive and unique set of speaker cables and production is limited to a maximum number of 10 sets each year.

*Terminated with your choice of gold plated banana or spade plugs.
*(Titan comes with special locking banana plugs).
*WARNING! "Titan" is extremely heavy, and is not well suited for smaller speakers on stands or speakers with terminals positioned high up on the speakers.

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    4x6 AWG (13,3mm) or 2x3 AWG (26,7mm) 99,99% pure OFC

    5x insulation layers consisting of one outer layer with Vulcanized super strength rubber material and 4 inner layers of, reinforced polyester braid, fabric thread, EPDM and a
    ultrathin layer of SFRF dielectric. All wrapped in a high quality braided sleeving with 2x massive high capacity ferrite cores on each end.

    29 mm OD

    0.0001 Ohm pr/ft

    0,09 uH pr/ft

    2,35 pF pr/ft

    Max current:
    174 Amps

    Color: Black
    Length: Custom made upon request
    Type: Single wire, Bi-amp/wire