Paradox Audio - Unbalanced (RCA)

Paradox Audio - Unbalanced (RCA)

Unbalanced RCA audio interconnects with double shielding and incredibly low capacitance and inductance. Made with the purest of copper and connectors of rhodium plated tellurium copper, it has the same conductivity to pure copper but with much higher hardness and shown oxidation resistance. Each connector is housed in a carbon cover and the cable is wrapped with exclusive braided sleeving and double shielding (both active and passive) making this interconnect truly worthy of the most expensive of high end setups with extremely low distortion and signal loss enhancing crystal clear sound.

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    2x24 AWG (2x0,34mm) Extremely pure copper 99,99%.

    Carbon housing with rhodium plated tellurium copper.
    Tellurium copper: 99.5% copper, 0.5% Te and 0.008% phosphorus

    Layers of PVC and PE. Double shielded with aluminum foil, copper mantel and bicoupled copper wires. All wrapped in high class braided sleeving. Double shielding - both active and passive

    7mm OD

    0,0154 Ohm pr/ft

    0,2 uH pr/ft

    5,15 pF pr/ft

    Sold in set of 2. Color and length upon requests.