Silver Sonic - Deity

Silver Sonic - Deity

OBS! Vi kan skaffe andre lengerder/terminering om ønskelig.

The Deity Speaker cable represents DH Labs reference achievement in design, performance and true fidelity. Designed for use in the finest systems, this state of the art cables delivers the most accurate, and uncolored signal transmission possible, along with extraordinary harmonics and tonal balance. The Deity is built to exact tolerances, and hand terminated by the industry's most skilled craftsmen. Superior metallurgy delivers 12 individually insulated pure silver conductors (20 awg) in an interleaved helical array, encompassing two silver-coated Continuous CrystalTM conductors (14 awg) . The DH Labs space age Air-PTFE dielectric is tape wrapped around each conductor, offering the lowest dielectric loss of any commercially available cable. The Deity is a stunningly attractive cable, available with silver spades or bananas. MADE IN USA.
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    Ta kontakt for priser på andre lengder eller bi-wire.

    Color: Red/Black custom weave
    Diameter: 18.0 mm
    Construction: 14 Conductor Geometry

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