Skogrand Cables - SC Air

Skogrand Cables - SC Air

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We have developed unique frameworks for our solid core speaker cable leads that lets them float almost completely in air.

With the SC Air speaker cable we have achieved an effective dielectric constant of 1.00792

with a signal transfer speed of 297436,8 km/h or 99.21% of the speed of light.

With the SC Air we are making some of the major benefits of our more expensive models available at an entry level price.

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  • Details

    Technical specifications:

    Dielectric: Air

    Gauge: 2 x 13AWG /2 x 1.784 mm diameter

    Virgin Teflon framework

    Virgin Teflon standoff between leads

    Crosslinked Polyolefin heatshrink

    Balsa wood framework on cable ends

    PET braided sleeve

    Solid core (SC) pure copper leads

    Gold spades or z banana plugs

    Capacitance 4.47 pF/f

    Inductance 0.26 uH/f (DC)

    Inductance 0.23 uH/f (HF)

    DC-resistance 0.0069 Ohm/m

    Area 2.500 mm^2 (square-mm)

    Area 4934 CM (circular mil)

    Diameter 70.2 mil