Skogrand Cables - SC Air Markarian 421

Skogrand Cables - SC Air Markarian 421

The SC Air Markarian 421 offers solid core copper leads suspended in air within a framework of ultra low dielectric fabrics and PFA tubing. With this complex cable build we have achieved an effective dielectric constant of 1.0018 with a signal transfer speed of 299253,8 km/h or 99.82 % of the speed of light making this one of the fastest speaker cables in the world - only rivaled by the Centaurus A. With gold z-plug or spade connectors ( XLR, Speakon or unterminated bare wires optional), pure silk brocade cable sleeves, 2x 12 AWG UP-OCC 7N solid core copper leads and one week build time this makes out to be a marvel of sight and sound.

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  • Details

    Technical specifications:

    2 x 12 AWG ultra pure solid core copper leads

    Dielectric: Air

    Ultra low dielectric fabrics and PFA tube suspension framework. Dual lead construction. Balsa framework on cable ends. Crosslinked Polyolefin heatshrink. Pure Silk Brocade Cable Sleeve. Gold z-banana plugs or spades, XLR or Speakon.

    Capacitance: 4.57 pF/f

    Inductance: 0.25 uH/f (DC)

    Inductance: 0.22 uH/f (HF)

    Attenuation: 0.001 dB/km/sqrt(frequency)

    Area: 3.000 mm^2 (square-mm)

    Area: 5921 CM (circular mil)

    Diameter: 76.9 mil (1)

    Diameter: 1.954 mm (1)

    DC-resistance: 0.00575 Ohm/m