Skogrand Cables - SCI Centaurus A

Skogrand Cables - SCI Centaurus A

Creating an interconnect matching

the SC Centaurus A speaker cables

when it comes to looks, signal transfer

capabilities, materials and overall


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  • Details

    Dielectric: Air

    Gauge: 22 AWG solid core copper

    Shield: 100% coverage tinned copper

    Shield suspended away from conductor

    Conductor spacing: 4 mm

    Framework: Low dielectric constant material suspended over PTFE tubing. Crosslinked Polyolefin heatshrink. Twisted pair. PET braided sleeve. Gold plated RCA connectors

    Capacitance: 3.35 pF/feet

    Inductance: 0.34uH/feet (DC)

    Inductance: 0.31 uH/feet (HF)

    DC-resistance: 0.053 Ohm

    Velocity rartio: 1.00 (HF)

    Attenuation: 0.003 dB/km/sqrt(frequency)

    Area: 0.326 mm^2 (square-mm)

    Area: 642,4CM (circular mil)

    Diameter: 25,3 mil

    Diameter: 0,644mm