T6s Banan (4 stk) - Kun plugg

T6s Banan (4 stk) - Kun plugg

Product description:

ViaBlue™ T6s banana contacts serve as replacements for T6s spades contacts or T6s flexible pins contacts mounted on speaker cables. The contacts can exchanged by screwing them in and out. ViaBlue™ T6s banana contacts are 24 karat gold-plated.

The ViaBlue™ T6s banana contacts can also be used without using T6s shells for direct soldering on wires. For isolation it's recommended to use ViaBlue™ heat shrinks "Arrow" or ViaBlue™ heat shrinks "Speaker".
  • Details

    Technical specifications:
    Contact length: 18.6 mm
    Contact: 4 mm tube technologie
    Finishing: 24 Karat Gold plated
    Total length: 35.1 mm
    Max cable input: soldering for cables up to Ø 4 mm

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