Telos Audio Design - Gold speaker Cap (4.stk)

Telos Audio Design - Gold speaker Cap (4.stk)

Gold Speaker Terminal Cap

The Speaker Terminal Cap is the proprietary design of Telos Audio Design, the main purpose
of the design is to curb the skin effects on the binding posts. The currently available binding
posts are designed in such a way to cater for the usage of spades and banana plugs.

And because of the hollowed core design, the audio signal, instead of transmitting through the core in a direct manner,would stray across the increased surface area.
This would create turbulence in conductivity.

With the proprietary Speaker Terminal Cap from Telos Audio Design, we are able to reduce the skin effects on most of the binding posts available in the market. Thus, greatly reducing signal lost. With the Speaker Terminal Cap, the first thing you notice would be the increased focus and improved details due to better signal transmission.

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