Telos Audio Design - Gold USB cable

Telos Audio Design - Gold USB cable

Computer as Source (CAS) has been the hot topic in town, and would undisputedly be the next big trend in audio.

Looking at how the market is flooded with USB digital cables, TELOS maintained its unwavering belief in elaborative research and design considerations. After much extensive testing, TELOS is proud to
introduce the latest USB Digital Cable.

TELOS USB Cable utilizes 4 26 AWG UPOCC high purity single crystal copper cables as conductors. Dual layers of copper mesh are used to shield out unwanted interferences. With Teflon used as insulator and PVC as protective jacket, the cable is highly immune to minute vibrations.

TELOS USB Digital Cable is terminated with USB Type-A to Type-BIn terms of length, they are provided in either 0.6m, 1.2m, 2.4m, 3.6m or 4.8m.
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