Telos Audio Design - Platinum BNC Cap (1.stk)

Telos Audio Design - Platinum BNC Cap (1.stk)

Platinum BNC Cap

BNC terminator is nothing new. In fact, it was widely used in the 90s and earlier. However, Telos's ingenuity lies in incorporating our expertise in making connector caps into BNC terminator. Previous BNC terminator was made with poorer materials and the end barrel was
just hollow and inferior in quality.

Telos BNC Cap has been carefully designed to ensure proper isolation of live core and ground shielding. The grounding has been made from high purity solid copper and plated with generous amount of gold.

Telos BNC Cap has been proven to be able to reduce microscopic resonance by improving structural rigidity. The more superior grounding design also helps in reducing RF interference and gives better grounding potential.Our BNC Cap has been patented in Taiwan as well as in China.

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