Telos Audio Design - QBT Cable Run-in Machine

Telos Audio Design - QBT Cable Run-in Machine

he core of the machine consists of a crystal oscillator feeding a 70-watt amplifier module, the module drives a load before entering the in-house developed control system. From the logic of the control system, current required for each cable will be adjusted on the fly. Thus, avoiding the problem of over-running or under-running the cables.

Before this final version, the prototype module came into being in summer 2008. As experimental materials were used for the trial circuit design, the bandwidth was just 30 Hz – 16 KHz.

We then improved upon the original design in the second phase. We upgraded the parts and materials, and did some schematic modifications to push the bandwidth to 20 Hz – 22 KHz. We then started to focus on the power supply section to enhance the results of running in cables.
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