Telos Audio Design - TD-04R Power Distributor

Telos Audio Design - TD-04R Power Distributor

As a world renowned cables and accessories manufacturer, we have never given up in facing challenges and achieving breakthroughs. Even when designing the power distributor, a product which has been done to death, the Principal Designer, Jeff Lin, still insisted on applying creativity to make something that is different from what others have done. The product has to bring unprecedented improvements, otherwise, it would be going against the brand values held so strongly by Telos Audio Design.

However, it is easier said than done. It is still a daunting task when it comes to execution. In the market, whether it is for 4 receptacles or 6 receptacles, or more, power distributors, most of the rectangular shape permutations have been tried and tested. Even for the filtration circuits, be it active or passive, have been explored and attempted extensively. Thinking out of the box has been arduous, indeed.

Our ultimate power distributor has garnered tremendous support when it was first introduced to the market. The reason behind the success is because the design team has broken the norm to maximize the sound performance and the design outlook. Every concept of balance and harmony in sound tuning so persistently practiced by Telos Audio Design has been applied to every detail when designing and building the ultimate power distributor. The aim is no other than creating the extraordinary design, and bringing the amazing sound performance to our TD-04R power distributor.

Furthermore, in order to achieve unmatched structural rigidity, and eliminate resonance caused by insufficient material density, every TD-04R is made from solid aluminum billet that is 100 mm in thickness. The aluminum billet is milled in high-precision CNC machine to achieve its 50 mm thickness. The surfaces then go through the anodizing treatment, creating the ultimate power distributor with a refined touch.
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