ViaBlue støyfilter (11mm)

ViaBlue støyfilter (11mm)

Product description:

ViaBlue™ ferrite core filters provide filtering cables and single conductors. Ferrite cores are passive electric components used to suppress high frequency noise in electronic circuits.

The ferrite core filters have a total length of 40 mm and an outer diameter of 20 mm. The cable entry has a size of Ø 11.5 mm, the cable outlet has an opening diameter of Ø 10.5 mm. Thus, the ferrite core filters are used for cables up to 10 mm.
  • Details

    Technical specifications:
    Total lenght: 40.0 mm
    Outer diameter: 20.0 mm
    Inner diameter: 11.5 mm
    Diameter of cable outlet: 10.5 mm

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