Zu Audio - EventLC MKII (Speaker cable)

Zu Audio - EventLC MKII (Speaker cable)

Zu Event loudspeaker cable, despite their rather normal or even smallish diameter, is a very high conductance design intended to be used for all high-fidelity loudspeaker cable applications.

And as a do-it-all, do it awesome design, Event excels in applications as diverse as very low power one watt vacuum tube setups and ultra power hungry high current combinations. In genera, Event improves upon the tone density and texture of our former top performing loudspeaker cable Ibis. Event Loudspeaker Cable (Event LC) has a very linear and uniform tone response, and has excellent dynamic expression and a near limitless sense of dynamic range. It is a very resolving cable without the bitchiness of other high-resolution cables. You can drop Event LC into most any system for immediate and clear improvement in dynamics, tone, resolution of detail and transient shading and timing. It also has a good feel and is more supple than unwieldy.
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