Zu Audio - Mission AC Power cable MKII

Zu Audio - Mission AC Power cable MKII

Zu Mission Power Cable is designed as a universal needs, high performance mains cable for use on all home audio or pro audio equipment. Mission Power cables are fully compliant with national and international standards: UL, IEEE, CSA, CE, BSI, JET, RoHS.

There are so many variables relative to AC power, just one of which is your power cable. And yes there are situations were a power cable will not improve your systems fidelity. But for the same reasons they may not alter your systems performance are the reasons they may. For sure the user should experiment and insist on at least a 30-day return privilege when experimenting with power cables. Ours is 60-days, has been since we started Zu in 2000. Reasons for power cables making or not making a difference include the design or condition of your equipment’s power supply, gear grounding, system ground noise and potentials, environment RF, above ground potentials, AC grids, local grounding, and on it goes. Nevertheless, if the power cable does a good job of shunting noise to ground and has good properties relative to phase, gain, group delay, and impedance, it should sound good; and yes, we feel Mission Power does these things better than any other competing power cable on the market.

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    Mission Power Cable Features And Benefits

    Zu/Tesla/Litz cable geometry, which allows for high conductance in a compact space, uniform inductance, capacitance and resistance measures, large bandwidth, and low noise.
    High magnitude external shield, which eliminates induced noise from the cable into the electronics as well as shunting of electromagnetic interference.
    High conductance on line, neutral and ground (#13, #13, #9 [2.52 mm2, 2.52 mm2, 6.63 mm2] respectively) for very high conductance of power and extreme shunting of EMI and noise to ground.
    Designing from the ground up and manufacturing in-house provides better integration of components such as wire, insulation and connector, resulting in a cable assembly that sounds swell, is easy to work with, and will last a lifetime.
    Designed and built as a system by Zu in Ogden Utah—USA.