Zu Audio - Mission Phono MKII-B-D (2-channel set)

Zu Audio - Mission Phono MKII-B-D (2-channel set)

Zu Mission Phono Mk.II turntable / tonearm interconnecting cables are all about maximum hi-fi value and are designed to challenge the state-of-the-art but at reasonable prices. WBT-0114 nextgen™ connectors are used on this cable for the RCA option and Cardas 5-pin if so needed.

Mission Phono Mk.II is developed specifically for phono-level two-channel stereo signal transmission and gives you the best possible protection from RF noise, the widest bandwidth, and the most convincing transmission of stereophonic content—left and right channels being perfectly matched and propagate in the same exact dielectric space. And ground is not tied or referenced to either end of signal or signal’s mate.

(Price is for a 2-channel cable set.)
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