Zu Audio - Mission RCA MKII-A (2-channel set)

Zu Audio - Mission RCA MKII-A (2-channel set)

Revision-A features classic hollow-pin SwitchCraft RCA plugs which we cold forge terminate and pot. The connectors while humbly priced sound fantastic and are build to last a lifetime.

Revision-B features the WBT-0114 nextgen™ plugs, a product we believe to be the best compliment to Mission RCA Mk.II and your sounds sound but the price of these plugs is significant. The best is usually worth it. Undecided? Get both and compare for yourself, our 60-day satisfaction guaranty is liberal, we want you happy and we want you to get the most from your system and your hard earned money.

(Price is for a 2-channel cable set.)
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