Zu Audio - MissionLC (Speaker cable)

Zu Audio - MissionLC (Speaker cable)

Zu Mission Loudspeaker Cable is a high conductance cable and can be used for all loudspeaker/amplifier applications were fidelity is the primary concern—right next to keeping price rational.

It performs at a much higher level than its price would suggest and it has an easy to work with supple hand. The cable has excellent resolution and has a tone center right smack in the middle of the music weighted power spectrum. While it performs well on the extremes, it never looses its rock-solid performance in the meat of the music. Mission Loudspeaker Cable is agile and dynamic but will not highlight or emphasis problems in recordings (or your room or playback rig).
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    Read more: http://www.zuaudio.com/cables/mission-loudspeaker-cable

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