Paradox Audio med strålende tilbakemelding fra

Paradox Audio's String Theory MKII og Balanced XLR har de siste mnd vært i test hos online magasinet Begge fikk meget gode tilbakemeldinger.

"The overall sonic character was very relaxed with good transparency levels. There were no annoying artifacts like hardening of the presence range or either overly bright or muted high frequency spectrum. Tonally, the String Theory MKII speaker cable showed good balance and well evolved harmonic structure". Read more...

"The Paradox Audio Balanced interconnect was one of the most surprising finds recently. This interconnect is amazingly transparent, resolute, extremely well balanced and possesses an incredibly wide frequency range". Read more...

Begge kablene kan kjøpes i vår web-butikk. Med priser fra 15.990.- for Balanced XLR og 29.990.- for String Theory MKII.

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